Film Review: Saw

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I just noticed that it’s rather odd that the poster features a severed hand since that never happens in the film.

When I first saw 2004’s Saw it would’ve been when I was 15 years old, and I watched it on DVD at my grandparents house. Yes, my grandparents house. I was so blown away at that time by the twist ending that I made my grandparents re-watch it with me, so I could see their reaction to the twist, and be like, “Can you believe that?!” That’s my first memory of the Saw franchise. From there, I remember the distinctive anticipation of going to the movie theater every October like clockwork for the latest Saw film to see what they would do. But none of the other films would quite compare to the visceral experience of the first one.

Directed by James Wan in his first directorial debut (he…

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