Ch – 9 Desert Animals

Priya's Learning Centre

Q.1: _____________ spent the hottest part of the day in cool underground burrows.

a) rats

b) dogs

c) gerbils

Q.2: ___________ are experts at catching drops of moisture on their legs, then lifting them into the air until the drops trickle down into their mouths.

a) gerbils

b) darkling beetles

c) honeybees

Q.3: There are more than ________ kinds of snakes around the world.

a) 2500

b) 2400

c) 2300

Q.4: The frightening rattle of rattle snake can be heard as far as ______ metres away.

a) 30

b) 20

c) 50

Q.5: Rattle snakes live in the dry, rocky deserts of _________.

a) Australia

b) America

c) Africa

Q.6: What does the rattle snake do to drive the intruder away ?

a) It holds the tail upright and rattles the end.

b) It bares fangs and hisses.

c) Both

Q.7: The snakes ‘hear’ sounds through ___________ in the…

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