Boreas Mountain (13,082′) | Colorado | 08/01/20

Colorado Chelsea

Boreas Mountain (13,082′) | CO Rank: 583/637

Front Range | Pike National Forest | Como, CO

08/01/20 | 4.08 miles | 1,747′ gain | Class 2


Boreas Mountain is a low 13er above Boreas Pass. At only 4 miles and 1700′ round trip, it would make for a very quick hike and a wonderfully easy morning. Tori and I made it to Boreas Pass at 8am after a scenic drive up the 2wd dirt road. I was surprised that there were only a few cars in the parking lot, though that didn’t last long. We hiked east past a number of historic buildings that once housed rail workers (Boreas Pass Road used to be a rail line). The buildings have been restored and are typically open to the public but they were closed due to Covid during our visit.

The Section House on Boreas Pass

Looking back at Boreas Pass

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