One Minute Meditation

Be Inspired..!!

The Exercise

  1. Breathe in slowly while tensing all your muscles.
  2. Hold your breath and the tension for a count.
  3. Slowly release the tension and breathe out.
  4. Smile and say “Ahhh” or “Thank you”
  5. Breathe normally and watch your thoughts and feelings as each comes, stays, or departs; do not judge, only observe.
  6. When the minute is over repeat steps 1-4.
  7. Go about your day.

The Enchantments

  • Add a safe space, create one from past memories of calming places.
  • Find and add a short calming slogan related to what matters.
  • Be with beauty. Look for something of beauty and focus on it. Beauty is everywhere if only we look for it.

The Practice Routine

  • At first, practice only when you are not stressed. Best time, as you are falling asleep. Might help you have more sweet dreams.
  • As you feel the power of the exercise growing practice every spare moment you…

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