Let’s Breathe & Regroup!

Marilyn's Room

First, we’ll start with the good news — and there is some.

This was posted by D *n S c * v * n * late last night, on both f b and I G. If you are a follower of [17], you know that this is very, very good news.

Will it happen today? Well, that we don’t know. But it does seem as if things will be coming to light very soon.

The other good news is that more and more and more docs keep getting declassified. In fact, some records on Fancy-Nan’s  alcoholism were dropped during the night. And in case you didn’t see it — several days back, the  f  b  i  file on her dad, also a congressman, revealed that her brother was a serial child- r *  p * st.

What is it with all this p* d o stuff, gang? Some of these…

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