Dear Diary: So Many Things To Ponder!

Marilyn's Room

Before I forget (yet again), my newest novel, The Guitar Hero Goes Home, is now available worldwide as an eBook, distributed through

Since September, it was only available as an eBook through Kindle Unlimited, but now it has expanded into all other eBook markets.

The Guitar Hero Goes Home is adult experimental fiction.

You can find it here on Lulu if you so choose!!

(It is also still available in print here.) (Ooh! I just noticed it got a 5-star review from the UK!! Thank you!!!!!)

“GUITAR HERO GOES HOME, when coupled with NEPTUNE AND SURF and FREAK PARADE, reaffirms Marilyn Jaye Lewis’s standing as a preeminent writer of erotic fiction in the English language. Her depth and range, both on a literary and emotional level, is masterful.”

And, as always, you can read an excerpt of it here on my blog.

Thanks, gang!!

All righty.


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