Eric shall be as Joseph to Me

Emeralogy, Study of the Divine in the Chronicles of Eric the Emerald King, Servant to Jesus and Mary.

Eric to Me is as Joseph was to My Holy Family. I Am the Lord.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post CXXIV:
Behold, I have great news and wonderful tidings to bear. Eric has passed My test of him. He has not fallen back into the impurity of his past. And today he shall make his final confession concerning sexual matters, that of viewing porn, which he has repented and shall turn no more to from this point onward. I Am the Lord.

Lord, what does this mean that Eric has passed the test? What now becomes of him? He still provides for Hyacinth, does he not? For as long as Hyacinth shall live, so shall Eric serve as her provider. But when We take Hyacinth away, that is when the girl Eric is to marry shall be given. And this girl is coming soon. We are giving you her, lord…

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