Still More Snow!!

Marilyn's Room

All right. More snow. Not uncommon for these parts. But Texas? And Seattle?

Need I draw your attention to that video from 2 weeks ago ( c i r st en w and p * tr * ot stree  t f ighter), about n a s a creating a polar vortex expected on Feb 16th?? And how it would cause power outages? There are nearly 2 million homes without power in Texas right now…

It is truly amazing how diabolical everything seems. But why do it to T X? N a  s  a is in fucking T X… (However, I’m guessing that if you’re effing n a s a, you don’t lose power.)

Okay. If you’re on t  e  l e  g r am, check out all the many declassed drops from thetruegreatawakening from yesterday, gang.  Truly disgusting stuff documenting how C  * VID was planned a few years in…

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