Poetry : Dear Fear 🖤

Writing feels good

Dear fear,

I have a grievance with you for all the years.

Why don’t you let me fly with my lustrous wings?

Why do you always hover over my soul?

Like an evil nightmare, you always try to trap me under your monstrous clutch!

At every step of the process, you stand like a stoppage!

When I go out, you chase and follow me like a demon…

You never sympathize with my petrified soul…


You always stand as an obstacle to my success.

You never allow me to chase my dreams.

Can you render me the lucid answer?

But it is too much for me, now!
I want to break the shackles of limitation.

I desire to fly high above the sky.

I know you will be there. But I also know my conquest will be to think beyond your boundary.

A successful story often is written by a…

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