Caramelized Onions

In Dianes Kitchen


Caramelization is the browning of the natural sugar in the onions which results in a sweet nutty flavor and brown color. I ate this entire bowl of onions as my supper. I do not like raw onions, however, when you caramelize them they taste completely different. They are delicious on just about anything you would normally put onions on or eat them like I do, right out of a bowl.


Slice the ends off of the onions and peel.


Cut each onion in half.


Slice each half about 1/4” thick.


Separate the segments.


In a large skillet over medium low heat, melt the butter.


Add the onions, salt and pepper to taste.


Cook and toss until cooked

through and a golden brown.


Place onions on top of your favorite

food or eat right out of the bowl.

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