The Beautiful Lies

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Oops! I’m sorry if the image on the top didn’t make any sense. It has been automatically cropped to fit some weird dimension. It actually says – “Excuses are well-planned lies”. That’s it 🙂 Now go on, Read the post fully!

One fine day, you wake up late. Reach the office right after an important meeting that was scheduled for you in the morning. Now your boss comes towards you with a face like that of the MGM lion. For those who have not seen it, I have attached an image below. It seems it has a name – Leo the Lion.

The MGM lion, motivation

The first question thrown at you would be – “Hey you, Yes you, why are you late today?” Now your brain fires an instant response along with some extra bits which you had already prepared right when you woke up – “Actually sir, I woke up early…

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