Day: May 15, 2021

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99 Super Hit Malayalam Old Movie Songs

🎶🎵 99 സുവർണ്ണ ഗാനങ്ങൾ🎼🎻 വീട്ടിൽ അകപ്പെട്ടവർക്കായി .... 1. കസ്തൂരി മണക്കുന്നല്ലോ2. ആയിരം പാദസ്വരങ്ങൾ3. കാക്ക തമ്പുരാട്ടി4. ഒരു പുഷ്പം മാത്രം5. സാഗരമേ ശാന്ത6. നീ മധുപകരൂ7. മല്ലപ്പൂ പല്ലിലോ8. കുട്ടനാടൻ പുഞ്ചയിലെ9. അങ്കനമാർ മൗലീ10. മഞ്ഞലയിൽ മുങ്ങി11. ചന്ദ്രികയിലലിയുന്നു ചന്ദ്രകാന്തം12. സുറുമയെഴുതിയ13. എൻറെ സ്വപ്നത്തിൻ14. പുലയനാർമണിയമ്മ15. ഏഴിലം പാലപൂത്തു16. അല്ലിയാമ്പൽ17. പതിനാലാം രാവുദിച്ചത്18. കടലിനക്കരെ പോണോരെ19. പാട്ടുപാടിയുറക്കാം20. ഉത്തരാ സ്വയംവരം21. അവൾ ചിരിച്ചാൽ22. മാലിനി നദിയിൽ23. അയലത്തെ ജനലിൽ24. നാലീകലോചനേ25. മനോഹരി നിൻ26. … Continue reading 99 Super Hit Malayalam Old Movie Songs

A wish to be free!


Sometimes I really wish to be
A bear in a peaceful cave.

Close my eyes and count 1,2,3
But I am still in an Enclave.

I am not tied but still wish to be free;
Peace is all for I Crave.
On a joke, I chortled – hee
Mother said – behave!

Can I run away from this judging world
Where you can not even cackle?
Where everyone is so reserved
Fighting for an unknown battle.

Maybe we can check the Underworld,
I hope there we can dazzle.
There most of us can unfurl
And be a horse unlike a sheep in a cattle.

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Thousands and millions of thoughts each day,

What a wonderful sight in our own imaginary way.

A mix of peace and excitement,

Sparkle flowing in our mind with its own unique scent.

Don’t let your own unique scent go away, because thoughts are always the best even if it’s yours or mines yestarday’s or today’s.

~ Muserista ♡

Image source – Pinterest

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An Evergreen Friend!


Ku-Ku as a morning alarm clock,
A hearty breeze as a goodbye kiss.
Keeping company of the complete flock,
Enriching us with a joyful bliss.

For those who are feeling lonely,
Also those who suffered a heart trigger.
Healing all of us solely
With its own quirky warmth and vigour.

Never leaving even a single bug alone,
Following all our darkest shadows.
Still guessing the one whom you have always known?
Stop Guessing! It’s everywhere from your blue highs to green lows.

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Yellow Shirts For Power

Yellow Shirts For Power

They were struck by the image of his yellow shirt during their viewing of “Rotpunkt” on YouTube. Wondering if his strength was fueled by the garment, they jokingly decided to wear one too. A conversation that started as a joke, paved the way for a community based movement called The Yellow Shirts.

Kirk Fuson, a Texas-based climber and graphic designer, is one of the brains behind The Yellow Shirts’ initiative. He describes the movement as a thing about everything, that started with the initial desire to climb as hard as professional rock climber, Alexander Megos.

“Alex Megos is strong and he wears yellow, so we are wearing yellow too,” said Fuson, adding that now the focus of the group has changed. “If you are interested in getting better and have a good attitude, let’s do this.”

The Yellow Shirts started in Fuson’s local climbing gym, Inspire Rock in Spring, Texas…

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Weekend Wildlife from the Meadow Hide

It’s hard to believe that today is the 15th May, my Dad’s birthday and FA Cup final day. It’s also another chance to visit the Meadow Hide and this time I’m flying solo. The hide is a really good space to unwind , relax and watch wildlife in a peaceful location.

It has been a quiet day , lots of regular visitors seem to have taken the day off, however the woodpecker has been hanging around all day , feasting on the nut feeders in between the short but heavy showers of rain. The St Marks flies are also here in large numbers , yet again none have entered the hide. ( and I’m not complaining ! )

The great tits are trying their best to impersonate the woodpecker on the nut feeder , somehow it’s not quite the same . And the rats…

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Little happy… little sad


His voice cut the 30 minutes of silence that had filled the car. After a bit of small talk and my attempts to gather some information about the young man earlier in the ride it became clear he wanted to escape into his air pods and the music I could hear softly from the front seat. I had never met this young man before and I had hoped I would learn a bit more about him and his home country, Vietnam, on our hour and fifteen minute ride to the airport. I succumbed to the reality of the quiet ride and drifted off to my own thoughts.

‘I don’t even know what I’m feeling.”

At first I did not realize he was talking to me. He had been speaking to someone on his phone earlier in his native Vietnamese tounge but this time his words were in english and directed…

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Bright Master ( Daffodils)🔥

Dinosaur, (clade Dinosauria), the common name given to a group of reptiles, often very large, that first appeared roughly 245 million years ago (near the beginning of the Middle Triassic Epoch) and thrived worldwide for nearly 180 million years. Most died out by the end of the Cretaceous Period, about 66 million years ago, but many lines of evidence […]


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