Things That Disabled People Always Hear

The Wheelchair Teen

When you’re a disabled person like me, there are certain things that able-bodied people always say to you. I’ve only been a wheelchair-user for six years and I already feel as if I’ve heard it all thousands of times before. Because I’m black, I don’t only hear the things that disabled people frequently do, I also hear things that black people often do too. Here are all of the things that I constantly hear from able-bodied people, as well as the things that they frequently do when they see me:


Twelve Things Able-Bodied People Always Say

1. Unoriginal Jokes

Unoriginal jokes are things that you will probably hear a lot as a wheelchair-user. The type of joke seems to depend on where you are: I often hear American wheelchair-users talk about people saying: “I hope you got a licence for that thing!” to them in a jokey manner when…

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