“Aquaman” Is Actually Pretty Good | “Aquaman” (2018) Movie Review

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As a critic, especially when you get into the terrible business of predicting what may be in the popular franchise products of Marvel, DC and Star Wars, you open yourself up to bad takes, especially when you’re predicting something will fail. Such is the case of my 2018 column about the then-upcoming “Aquaman” movie, in which I predicted that the film would probably disappoint. I was wrong. 

We were just about a year out from the infamous 2017 Joss Whedon cut of “Justice League,” and the wounds of the monumentally-terrible theatrical cut of “Batman v. Superman” was on my mind. Aquaman’s director, James Wan, was also hot off producing “Insidious: The Last Key,” which I was not a fan of. So, especially with Jason Momoa’s obnoxious performance in the Whedon cut in mind, I joined countless other critics in voicing a vote of no confidence against “Aquaman” before the film even came…

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