Day: July 6, 2021

Weekend Wrap-up: July 3 – Out of this World

Lines by Leon

It was World UFO Day yesterday and I missed it. I was busy working on my Quantum Lithium Injectors – they get so clogged with dark matter if you forget to engage the Resonance Field Relays. That’s my one beef with Universal Hyper-Vehicles: the RFRs should be automatic, but they still insist on a manual select function. Anything to keep the cost down, I guess. Yet there is a cup holder. Go figure.

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Free Book Friday: July 2

Thursday Thoughts: National Holidays. Canada, eh? – Some peaceful protests later that day, and a few…well, not so.

Weird Wednesday: June 30 – A little bit on the English language

Tuesday Tidbits: “I’ll take Quotable Quotes for 500 Alex.”

Monday Musings – Paying it forward

From other blogs:

Book Release – Unvanquished – Another blogger becomes a published author!

1st July 2021…Plastic Free July…Be the Change… –…

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Tuesday Tidbits: It’s a Small World

Lines by Leon

When I first went to Disneyworld (or is it Disneyland? I can never remember which one is which), anyway, the one in Florida, I went with a college buddy and his parents in an RV. Now I know what you are thinking—that sounds like a fun time, but hey, it didn’t cost me anything for travel/lodging, and I wasn’t old enough to buy booze (he was though😊). Did I mention it happened to be Spring Break?

It was the first time out of the country for me, young adult, with people of no relation to me, no passports required. Wow. Times change.

Disneyworld at the time was just doing its first major expansion. The only attractions available were the Magic Kingdom and Epcot Center. A few highlights were: Seeing the Space Shuttle take off as we ate breakfast, going on my first rollercoaster, hitting the German pavilion and drinking beer…

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Monday Musings: Motivation

Lines by Leon

Did you really write that you ask? I think I did. I did my research (*cough* Google…) and nothing turned up.

On Tuesday I wrote about quotes (Tuesday Tidbits) and while looking through my notebook, I came across an old post that I thought I had used. Well, I couldn’t find it in my 237 previous posts (wow!), and since it kinda fits the theme (I used part of it in Tuesday’s post), and I didn’t have anything else planned, and I also didn’t feel like writing a whole new one (you’ll get the irony shortly). Here it is:


Do or do not. There is no try.” Hold it right there Yoda. I’m going against my adoration for you and your (well, Lucas’s) universe and it pains my heart to when I say that I have to disagree with you. There is always a…

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Smith Shine Poetry

I couldn’t quite hear him
with the distance between us,
only muffles through the mask he was wearing.
It was a gentle breeze that hurled his words
straight into my ears, down into my heart.
Both of are dejected spirits now rallied.
“The vaccine is here, they’ve done it”.
Is what he said in a cheerful tone
that I’m sure will live with me forever.
He went back inside, I picked back up
my edging iron and I thought about my
fiancée and what she would look like
in her wedding dress and the future we
would share together.

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I hope now someone loves you

Smith Shine Poetry

You once asked if I loved you
my short answer was no.
The truth my feelings 
I could not let go.
I was dancing in the pink hue
of the atmosphere,
escaping the dragons fiery breath
I could not see, I was deaf.
There has been now many moons 
many of them blue,
I hope now someone loves you
and his love is true.

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Ever Forever

The one, who is with you forever

A good friend is like:A four – leaf clover hard to find and lucky to have..

The four leaves represent LOVE, FAITH, HOPE, LUCK

A person, who is forever with us in good times , in bad times too….is a good friend. To whom we can share any kind of talks. The one who knows me better then anyone.

If anyone says ‘We don’t have friends’ I thought, they are totally wrong “Whom so ever you share truely your happiness or sadness is your friend”

Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain……….


The full meaning of friend is: F= Few R= Relationship I= In E= Earth N= Never D= Die


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Monsoon 🌦️🌦️🌦️

Monsoon 🌦️🌦️🌦️

Ever Forever

The season of love and fun  ,
            The smell of wet soil, cold breeze blows , shining of plants and flowers ,  standing in  drizzle.
       Dancing of peacocks, singing of cuckoos, Bees and butterflies flying on flowers…..  lighting of shining sun, passing through the tiny droplets of rain causing arc, of seven wondorful  colours…🌈🌈🌈.. blooming sky in colours, birds flying accross the rainbow . Chirping of birds,makes the weather pleasent ❤️💞💞💖💞💞……
     Whenever rain comes it  brings,  life to us, happiness and joy…..😇😇

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Ever Forever

‘Rainbow’ its not just a word to say….or feeling to express….. It’s more than that………

We can learn very much from🌈🌈 like:

(1) Key of success comes from Rainbow

Rainbow only comes…… after a dark thunder and storm……..
Like that….. success comes only when you pass the way (full of difficulties) to your target….

Like that everyone, whomsoever…… wants success they have to work hard for that……

(2) Rainbow as unity……

The rainbow colours describes state of mind,nature,body…….
And always be united, together, and the beauty of each colour combines, and becomes most beautiful……💖💖…….

So try to become like RAINBOW 🌈🌈

And more………. But for today it’s enough…… Meet you on next blog……. With love💖💖❤️❤️🤗🤗

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