How we are contributing in making a Patriarchal Society?

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At the end of the day we all are humans. Accept other’s bruises.

Writer : Khushi Singh.

It is not new for me to say our houses are more male dominated. It is like this from very early societies. Men are shown as masculine, strong and breadwinner whereas women are picturesque like statues of love and compassion. Symbol of peace.

The obvious reason an individual could give to this proximity is “We are not well educated on these topics”. It is not even there in our historical culture. Why would we learn? What’s the need?

But apparently we need to get educated about these things which are transparently part of our lives.

As a gradual passing time we’ve been witnessing women coming up and showing and sharing their ideas. Which shouldn’t be startling right !?

However, now everyone has their solemn rights. Everyone has their aspirations and all of us…

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