Day: October 30, 2021

Halloows Eve!

Moon reflects bleached coral viewCalls of magical souls receiveCostumes of halloween or something newOn all hallows eve!! Hey, sense the spirit of halloweenYou may receive what is unseenCurious detectors can be seenCarved pumpkins and the light within!! When the bogeyman knocksYou might get shocksDon’t look at the clocksSay goodbye to all of them,folks! This post … Continue reading Halloows Eve!

Handling the Good Days

Grad school is an extremely fun, stressful, confusing time of a young scholars life. You will experience such a fluctuation of emotions that you might think that you are going insane. It is completely normal and part of the process. Some days can be very hard. I have written about this specifically *here*. Go check … Continue reading Handling the Good Days

Fall Morning

Poem by Joni Caggiano – Photo by Guillaume Meurice on whisper little owlet to the cloud dropping morning mistkissing the surface of golden leaves shivering silentlyavocado coloring on moss, still lingering, drinks fresh dewtomorrow morning the lips of new fawns feasting on you slowly the sun peeks at us while tipping his old straw … Continue reading Fall Morning

Quiet Heart

the sinking sun’s final golden rays light my quiet heart  Copyright 2021 Brenda Davis HarshamNotes: The fall is full of adventure. On long walks, I crunch leaves underfoot, scare the rabbits, and scatter squirrels. Leaves drift down into rushing streams. The woods male me remember reading Anne of Green Gables, finding joy in simple things — like … Continue reading Quiet Heart

One Word Sunday – Rock

One Word Sunday is a blogging challenge hosted by Debbie Smyth at TravelWithIntent.  This week’s challenge is Rock. The Rappa Nui people sailed more than 1,000 miles (1,610 km) over open Pacific waters to established a home on Easter Island and brought with them an oval shaped rock high in iron content. The rock was called “Te … Continue reading One Word Sunday – Rock

Three new poems published in Halloween/Revolution Chapbook!

After sharing with you some of my failed competition entries, I am delighted to announce that I have finally won a poetry competition: a wonderful Halloween treat! I found the competition, from Friends of Dorothy Poetry Series, on Instagram. The call was to ‘Submit 2 poems, 1 on Halloween, 1 on Revolution, no more than … Continue reading Three new poems published in Halloween/Revolution Chapbook!

The Investigators, Inc. The Lost Doll. Chapter 1.

Well, we have all had a good rest after our last case, and nothing new has come in for 3 weeks now. But today there is a lot of mail, so perhaps there will be something for us. And I was right. “Look at this,” I said, “a nice easy case for us to handle … Continue reading The Investigators, Inc. The Lost Doll. Chapter 1.

Spicy Pan Fried Shrimps with Vegetables

The following tasty quick dish was created with busy days in mind: it can be prepared in less than half an hour, yet it is healthy and nutritionally balanced. Using frozen shrimps, that can be thawed very quickly, is the base for the dish, following with a medley of colorful vegetables, such as corn, peppers … Continue reading Spicy Pan Fried Shrimps with Vegetables

The Breaking Wave – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Photo: Rocks along Cape Leeuwin “One can be the master of what one does, but never of what one feels.” Gustave Flaubert The Breaking Wave Standing on the shore of feeling, watching the horizon, waiting, being engulfed, thrust beyond in swirls of murky images, thrown beyond the foaming crest into the boiling current of deep … Continue reading The Breaking Wave – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Life, the Universe, or: Everything

My 1stDuodora Oh, you believe that? Well, if it comforts you, that’s wonderful. My perception and understanding of Life, the Universe and Everything are different, but you can respect that, right? Oh, you believe in Divine providence? How about the Devil, demons, ghosts, evil spirits, witches, and vampires? More power to you. Those are your … Continue reading Life, the Universe, or: Everything

Colors of Water

I have decided to try doing watercolor painting. I find the transition from acrylics is very challenging. I tend to want to over-paint and over-work my paintings. With watercolors that does not work so well.  The first painting above is my transition painting, after trying a few samples. The second one I did today. As … Continue reading Colors of Water

unknown, already unbound…

I dream of roots, strangling me, veinsreaching out, from beyond the grave,torturing me in this wild place… as dreams move into another phase,something bursts from the ground, no sound,or other people around,a beautiful shoot, out, sprouts,beginning its journeyinto the unknown, already unbound… Photo by Pixabay A Blogger’s Diary 8/22/21: On the Week, Writing, Reflecting, and … Continue reading unknown, already unbound…