Mind uploading and the philosophy of self

Mind uploading and the philosophy of self


This video does a pretty good job at outlining the idea and stark challenges with mind uploading. (Watching it isn’t necessary to understand this post, unless you’re completely unfamiliar with the idea. It’s 14 minutes long, although the last few minutes are an advertisement.)

Kurzgesagt: Can You Upload Your Mind & Live Forever

I’m in the camp that sees mind uploading, or perhaps more broadly, mind copying, as a viable proposition. It may be that anything like the computing technology we have today is hopelessly insufficient, and new principles will have to be discovered. But if the mind is a system in this universe and operates according to the laws of physics, then there shouldn’t be anything in principle that prevents reproducing it.

That said, I’m not in the singularity camp that expects it in the next twenty years. I think it’s more likely to take a century or two…

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