Song Lyric Sunday: Jungle Rock

Ella Craig

The prompts from Jim Adams are Lion, Tiger, Bear, Eagle, Shark.
The song must contain a reference to the prompt in the title or the lyrics.
If the song does not meet these criteria, please explain why you chose it.

Today’s choice is a 1950s slice of rockabilly with Jungle Rock by Hank Mizell. And who is Hank Mizell, you may well ask? According to Wikipedia:

Hank Mizell (November 9, 1923 – December 23, 1992) was an American singer, guitarist and songwriter. He is best remembered for his rockabilly single “Jungle Rock” (1958), which was obscure on its original release but reached number 3 in the UK Singles Chart in 1976. In the Netherlands, it made it to number 1.

I remember this song so well – not from the first time around, but the 1976 re-release. My mother and I would do a lindy-hop shuffle around…

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