Poem #3 from Before the Bridges Fell by David L O’Nan : “They Had Sadness in Their Eyes (like in Littleton)” – poetry

Fevers of the Mind

They Had Sadness In Their Eyes (Like in Littleton)

The sky has cracked Raining down a hail of tiny eyes Invading our space, we'd walk Walk into the crutches of the hall's shadows To hide in a new divinity. Away from the howling You feel the flooding in your hideaways Your shaking is the deadest of giveaways Melting in your sweat, in the fear Will the maiming of the words keep your mind quiet, can you forget it all? Such wonders is the wind when it acts in a manic swaying Those crippling leaves do tease us. To digress us in a blood trace waxing in the sticks and spoons Closets full of broken lights, tiny eyes like boomerangs across the sky. Watch me universally break apart the knife-stars Collecting all the falling dust in a skinny bag Flames scattering in our chase Schools of blue watch us outrun the…

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