Poetry inspired by art from Shine Ballard

Fevers of the Mind

Picasso, Museum, Painting, Oil, New York, Work, Art
from Picasso Museum photo by Manolofranco on Pixabay

because of what betweena piece developed from my reading on da vinci’s study of optics, the resultant effects in his work through this understanding, i.e. the haze of distance, things seen at a distance

the day hazed
as a da vinci

                 a polish
of brush, pigmented
somewhat shadowed
a smudged knuckling
which errs the eye
atmospheric un focus :
such seeing,
                  the science
of having seen, 

as a hazed da

keen eyes seeregarding cézanne’s style of painting, his rejection of amending, he simply added another stroke, a layer, the form would emerge in the eye. also, a concrete piece, taking the shape of one of his stilllife apples

            cézanne’s eager
    or rather incidental,
  eschewal of the erasure
assured another layered
  nearly would follow, all
    so an estimation would
          emerge eventually

accumulusthis piece, alluding to a…

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