Oh My God!

Highway to 5th Heaven

Recovering from a horse kick has been more difficult then anticipated and acutely painful beyond reason. To entertain me during my convalescence, Mother has been sending me unbelievably mouth dropping, “Oh my God!” Moments. Oh, and when I did find a yellow jacket nest (not wasp!) where I got stung, again my mouth hung open in absolute disbelief for before my eyes was the biggest nest I have ever seen [think melon or basket ball]. My hands were just inches from this nest when I was pruning the bush it is in, unknowingly of course of what I came so near to.

Friends, after reading about these yellow jackets I am lucky I am alive for they normally, if believing their nest is in danger of attack, will send out an army of yellow jackets to swarm and sting, injecting venom into their victim. I only got stung by two…

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