Sky Ink

Some say we’re all star dust and I get it now, how we’re set by the exquisite geometry of constellations Flowers built around the houses of exacting pentagons or an eagle’s flight feathers their sprayed precision, the acute explosion of wattle blossom tendrils, or my own hand, its splayed fingers and the triangles between. Water’s […]

Sky Ink

4 thoughts on “Sky Ink

    1. Hi, This is just a Reblog only. It’s not copiying but sharing. Rebloging on WordPress means simply sharing a post as we share it in other social networks such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc.
      The post is not a copy but its simply a link of reference to your site.
      Therefore the full Credit belongs to you. Hope you got it. Thank You.
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      1. Ah so if I click on the excerpt, it goes back to my blog site. But if you repost a short thing, it doesn’t say anywhere who wrote it. I know I should be honoured and gratified that you think my work is worth sharing. Maybe I need to start putting my handle more visibly on my work.

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      2. Yes. There is a limitation generating the expert. The Expert and the Link is automatically generated by the WordPress. If the post has less characters the ‘Read more’ button will not be displayed. if you are convinced of reblogging, i continue to reblog you posts. thank you.

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