In This Darkest Season of the Year, Let’s Pay Attention to the Light

Living Our Days

Sunday Scripture

I’m about to break one of my own rules.
I never talk about Christmas before Thanksgiving.
But, I’ve created a guided journal to lead readers into a focused and uncluttered Advent celebration, and in order for you to get it, print it, or load it onto your device in plenty of time, I’m sharing it in November–one week before the first Sunday of Advent. It’s free for all newsletter subscribers, and I’m eager to share it with you!

In the darkest season of the year, let’s talk about LIGHT!

When the Apostle John picked up his pen and began his first letter to the church, light was one of the metaphors he returned to. As the only remaining living witness to Jesus’s life and ministry, his goal was to establish a solid base of truth concerning the Word of Life in a post-apostolic world in which…

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