Is Desire a Reliable Guide on the Path of Life?

Living Our Days

Sunday Scripture

Deer hunting season has arrived here in Maine, and this mum of four sons has heard a lot more about the habits and methods of dispatching whitetail deer than I really want to know. However, truth be told, I’ve been sharing wooded trails with the deer, bearing witness to deer-ish desire, since we moved to this country hill.

Unfortunately, deer trails and our paved roads often intersect in disaster, for the deer see all this tree-covered land as their territory. A few years ago, at the very edge of “their territory,” we were kind enough to plant a rhododendron salad bar, and they were kind enough to help themselves to all the tender flower buds during the long winter of 2019.

When settlers first paddled up the St. George River and started chopping down trees and swatting mosquitoes, they were the first to meddle with the deer’s trampled…

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