Month: December 2021

Hope for the New Year

What a delightful surprise to find my hibiscus blooming this morning. When I opened my garage door and looked out and there it was smiling up at me. As cold weather set in, I decided to try and save my three small hibiscuses by putting them in a pot and keeping them in the garage all … Continue reading Hope for the New Year

ये कैसी मोहब्बत ? ( 3 )

जया काफी परेशान थी | उसके सारे पैसे शान्तु लुट चूका था और अब तो खाने के भी लाले पड़ गए थे | पुलिस भी शान्तु को खोज पाने में असमर्थ दिख रही थी | इसलिए पुलिस से भी उसे निराशा ही हाथ लगी | वह पुलिस स्टेशन में ही बैठी – बैठी अपने […]ये … Continue reading ये कैसी मोहब्बत ? ( 3 )

Robin in the Fig Tree

What are the words?Bright, cheery red, bob-bob-bobbing?My Robin has read Ted Hugheshe pulls worms fighting from the stiff soilterrorises chickens, birds a hundred times his sizefights to the death for territory.He is now lurking in our small unproductive Fig treethat leans awkwardly out of a fake ceramic tub.The pigeons by the pond look uneasy. Copyright … Continue reading Robin in the Fig Tree

There is always something more

I didn’t have time to visit the Oracle on Saturday or Sunday, but she had kept a message for me. There is always something more Moon petals blow on the black wind,singing through bare boughstouched with the red of the old sun. There will be no more sadness afterwards,no more grief when smoke rises from … Continue reading There is always something more

From a sliver of a moon

I dangled dangerously from a sliver of a moonto search the land and silvery seas.But even with my old trusty telescope,I couldn’t seem to find you through the trees. So I leapt onto a gust of westward windsand sailed away on a stray pink cloud.And now I’m living on a dandelion petaldoing things I’ve never … Continue reading From a sliver of a moon

Wit, or: Without

Poetry Partners #25 A very special partner The poem below was written by Sangeetha of ‘Mindfills’, and while she was one of the very first to submit a poem for ‘Poetry Partners’, I’ve delayed publishing this piece. You see, Sangeetha was actually my very first poetry partner; together, we produced a renga poem of 100 … Continue reading Wit, or: Without

Poetry – Senryū – Meaningless Words Voiced – A Poem by Goff James

A poem inspired by Eugi;e Weekly Prompt- ‚Prmises‘ View Eugi’s original post Poem Attribution – Goff James – Meaningless Words Voiced Copyright (c) 2022 Goff James – All Rights Reserved  View more senryū poems by Goff James Thank you for your visit Art Music Photography Poetry QuotationsPoetry – Senryū – Meaningless Words Voiced – … Continue reading Poetry – Senryū – Meaningless Words Voiced – A Poem by Goff James

Snow – The Double-edged Sword

Yes, yes, it’s a white Christmas and almost everyone is happy. Snow covers the ugliness of winter. But it also covers all the seeds and insects the songbirds would love to pick at. This fox sparrow is probably wondering how he’s going to get through the next days. He doesn’t know that it’s going to … Continue reading Snow – The Double-edged Sword

One More Mouthful – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Photo: “I have measured out my life with coffee spoons.” T.S. Eliot One More Mouthful As I stare into the dregs I suddenly realise that I never liked Winston, all his blather about coffee, not delivering taste riled me. I stare at my empty cup and desire one more mouthful, the smell tantalises but … Continue reading One More Mouthful – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Lemon and Lavender Posset

Reading about Posset – a lemony dessert that is prepared with only three ingredients – I got very curious, and decided to find out more about it. I’ve discovered that there were many versions for this dessert, and that it also had quite an interesting history. The term Posset originally described a thick hot beverage, … Continue reading Lemon and Lavender Posset


Unfold the layers off this mask,swallow the questions no one asks,another day with the same tasks,drunk wishes swim within old flasks. Alone while others are around,all aspirations hit the ground,an inner silence feels profound,wishes crash hard but make no sound. Frustrations learn to stand alone,messages whispered in soft tones,a deep connection with unknowns,unsure faith rest, … Continue reading Rebuild

our hearts packaged in love…

gifts under the tree, it seems like some kind of land in-between, known and not, it’s as ifyou’ve come from afar,anddropped the love you feel in aspects hearted, they are dreamsdisplayed with love, and a misty-eyed cavalcadeimparted ribbonsheld together,just right,the fittight,withmuch light,swirling in a vacuumof delight…and a tender-loving kindness, with a whole lot of rich-texturedsentimental(ness)bestowedbeforewego, … Continue reading our hearts packaged in love…