My Cats Are Revolting!

Part 1 My life has never been the same since I adopted “my two cats.” I think they plotted to come into my life and make me their servant! They each have their own personalities. But Sister was the one I totally underestimated. (Sister was euthanized December 30, 2018.) Sister was always the timid, sweet, […]

My Cats Are Revolting!

4 thoughts on “My Cats Are Revolting!

  1. Nelsapy, would you please give credit to me when you post my blogs! Nowhere on this post that I wrote does it say my blogsite’s name. In fact your name appears as the writer of it! This is plagerism!! Stealing credit for what someone else wrote!! If you persist in not giving me credit where credit is due I shall block you from site and seek legal action.

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    1. Hi, This is just a Reblog only. It’s not copying but sharing. Rebloging on WordPress means simply sharing a post as we share it in other social networks such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc.
      The post is not a copy but its simply a link of reference to your site.
      Therefore the full Credit belongs to you. Hope you got it. Thank You.
      For more Details –

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