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Does love need reciprocation???

Does love need reciprocation???

Embrace life

Love is never between two people , it is what happens within you , and your interiority need not be enslaved to someone or something else.


Love is a feeling that is purely innate. It is something within you. Just look lovingly at everything and the whole word becomes adorable to you. It is just simply the way you are, and being innate it’s not bounded by the external factors.

It’s an embrace , a whole some devotion that you commit, and seek nothing in return . And ,that’s how true love is above being conditional or unconditional.

If you love the picturesque view of sunset, then that’s just your feelings and it’s very much a one sided affair. If I find a butterfly to be very beautiful and start loving it, how does it matter , if it is aware of my feelings or not , or…

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Forget to hate

Embrace life

What if the world forgets to hate,

Evaporating it into gaseous state,

It rises up above the human brain,

To come back ,it would hesitate

Why hate, just love or don’t love,

Of all the pursuits, love is the best,

Hatred is lifeless,love is full of life,

Hate makes dwellings a cage and love a nest,

Perpetual whirl when breaks me apart,

I enjoy a pause, just to restart,

The clay , the fire in me propel my life

And love condensed to form my heart

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A Lovestory: commonly uncommon

A Lovestory: commonly uncommon

Embrace life

A charming dame dressed in serene white

Sitting calm, , enjoying falling sunlight

Sitting near the window, watching the sky

Suddenly she glanced at him , a passers-by

As he threaded through the lane alone

He beheld a beautiful moon in morn

How every morning he would pass by

To steal a glimpse of her, was well known

That day was a deadly blow to him

When chances of a glance grew so slim

Struck deep with pain , he sighed

That night he slept at her door and cried

Her guardians wanted to get rid of him

Planned to finish this bane, with dirty scheme

But destiny sometimes has a magical spray

The youth had also stolen her heart that day

The love had won half the battle

Rest the families had to settle

Finally the hearts of every one

Flow of their love stream had won


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Shining soul

Embrace life

Let’s pray universally for the whole universe to the Lord of the universe for His blessings and love.

Destined to become perfect, is every soul,

With faith, veneration,submission and divine love ,

Holy becomes the body and pure the soul,

Lord of the truth, blesses you with wisdom and love ,

With the acts, thoughts, and spirituality,

Become the sweetest flower of humanity,

When every passion and emotion , have “Him” as the goal,

Lord becomes your beloved ,and you become a shining soul.

Always seeking your blessings and wishes🌷🌷🌹🌹


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Desire— An intruder

Embrace life

In the black and white of life,

I was looking for my part

The shades of gray kept calling

To find a place in my heart

Unveiling my heart ,I let it in

It was desire, it’s new queen

eclipsing to the entirety, it whispered

Your life now is my pallanquin

It made tree it’s pen , sea became the ink

Mind under it’s rule, took orders to think

The haughty desire becoming a tyrant

Burnt my heart with thousand fires

Enough you have roamed , go and sleep

My heart wailed , with wounds so deep

Don’t bind your heart, it’s to be set free

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Embrace life

खुद से तो टकराओ कभी

क्यूँ टकराते हो उलझनों से

खुद से तो उलझो कभी

क्यूँ उलझते हो सवालो से

खुद से तो पूछो सवाल कभी

क्यूँ पूछते हो अंजानो से

खुद को तो मिलों कभी

क्यूं मिलते हो तकलीफों से

खुद को तो तराशों कभी

क्यूँ तराशते हो चट्टानों को

खुद को चट्टान बनाओ कभी

क्यूँ हिल जाते हो हिलाने से

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Be yourself, that’s God’s creation

Embrace life

O’Life try your best to break me apart , I will always gather myself like mercury into one.

Your sojourn on this earth,is a heavenly pact,
Where life is a stage , and you have to enact,
Tragedy or comedy , play the portrayals alike,
Entertain The Lord by your show that's life,

Gloom is the shade of Lord's hand extended with care,
Darkness is nothing just the absence of light don't fear,
Resurrect the self from frailties and face life,
Reject rejections and decline defeat upright,

The heaven is within,like
light in the dark wild,
Never loose your peace,and behold the beauty of life,
The life of a being is a vast ocean,
Waves of intricacies may cause perturbed motion,

But the mighty ocean remains there,,
The waves of troubles, hardships and affliction,
Let them rise and fall,dear,
Look at the ocean ,the waves are just welcome.


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