A Lovestory: commonly uncommon

Embrace life

A charming dame dressed in serene white

Sitting calm, , enjoying falling sunlight

Sitting near the window, watching the sky

Suddenly she glanced at him , a passers-by

As he threaded through the lane alone

He beheld a beautiful moon in morn

How every morning he would pass by

To steal a glimpse of her, was well known

That day was a deadly blow to him

When chances of a glance grew so slim

Struck deep with pain , he sighed

That night he slept at her door and cried

Her guardians wanted to get rid of him

Planned to finish this bane, with dirty scheme

But destiny sometimes has a magical spray

The youth had also stolen her heart that day

The love had won half the battle

Rest the families had to settle

Finally the hearts of every one

Flow of their love stream had won

Image. Pinterest.com

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