Be yourself, that’s God’s creation

Embrace life

O’Life try your best to break me apart , I will always gather myself like mercury into one.

Your sojourn on this earth,is a heavenly pact,
Where life is a stage , and you have to enact,
Tragedy or comedy , play the portrayals alike,
Entertain The Lord by your show that's life,

Gloom is the shade of Lord's hand extended with care,
Darkness is nothing just the absence of light don't fear,
Resurrect the self from frailties and face life,
Reject rejections and decline defeat upright,

The heaven is within,like
light in the dark wild,
Never loose your peace,and behold the beauty of life,
The life of a being is a vast ocean,
Waves of intricacies may cause perturbed motion,

But the mighty ocean remains there,,
The waves of troubles, hardships and affliction,
Let them rise and fall,dear,
Look at the ocean ,the waves are just welcome.


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