Likes are no less than diamonds for a newbie blogger

Embrace life

The first few likes I got were no less than diamonds for me. They gave me a feeling of getting an entry ticket into the community.

In my few months old blogging journey filled with _likes_ , views,__ , comments,,( just leaving these as blanks as it’s just a number filling the blank), but more than that I have in my heart , a healthy and positive feeling, and a wonderful learning experience.,A big big thank you to all my lovely friends.💕💕💕💕

Just few days back I decided I will pen down my thoughts as they keep juggling in my head and tease me to play with them. So I decided to give them a passage to the outside world via http:/ and share certain slices from the loaf of my life with talented and like-minded souls.

So I started writing and creating content. That was easy , with…

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Poetry powers me

Embrace life

Poetry, a unique art, is ordering of words,
A poet's muse, his smiles, his pain unheard,

His thoughts , and echo of his heart,
Poetry is his solace, not just a piece of art,

His pen racing with his thoughts,
Whether making sense to the world ,

It's his experience of his truth of being,
Why expect everytime pearls in string,

Sometimes may create a masterpiece,
Sometimes may just the number increase,

Poetry , may heal a wound or tear it apart,
As a sharp arrow, penetrating the heart,

My poetry is my wealth, I could save,
Through it I return world, what it gave.

Image; pexel

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फूलों की महक, न ढूंढे कांटो में जहाँ

Embrace life

कहते हैं कि संगत ने भी न सिखाया,

कांटो को महकने का सलीका,

पर महकने की चाहत कहाँ थी,

जीने का है सबका अपना ही तरीका ,

सच ये भी है के कांटे न हो तो ,

फूलो को जीने देगा ये जहाँ,

तो रहने दो महक फूलो में ही ,

व्यर्थ ही ढूंढते कांटो में हो कहाँ

Always seeking your blessings and wishes.

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