Poem: divine gratitude – 07/12/21

Lauren M. Hancock Poetry and Prose

my feet are firmly planted
and I’m no longer here yearning, asking
why, why not have I?
while others seem so preciously pleased
and at ease
and, amazing now, I am one of these.

these people, one of many I am
I search my pockets for a clue
a hand-jotted note
a materialistic reminder that I
am here
and I don’t need to wonder
wandering around lost and confused
wailing, trailing the heels of others
for a reverent decision

a ringing precious sound
no, the energy force,
wonderment source
is here and now,
it’s here in my present,
and, I know, I know that this
peaceful surety is something to treasure
because it’s come at a great cost —
the loss of my past armour,
for I do not need it,
nowadays, I am far, far stronger.

Bring on Life, Love, bedazzled with
our amazingly heartfelt stars.


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