Reely Bernie’s Top Ten of 2021

Reely Bernie’s Top Ten of 2021

Reely Bernie

For me, 2021 was all about raising a wonderful baby daughter and being a goofball dad and supportive husband. Movies were far and few between, but they continued to be dependable coping devices during the ongoing pandemic (and rare evening off). More theatres were opened and maintained safely, the promised releases of 2020 played catchup, and the cinematic quality accompanied the quantity.

Below is my humble Top Ten of 2021. As with any list, it is subjective, nonsensical, and extremely personal. These movies fulfilled the “3 E’s” Reely Bernie looks for in any movie – Empathy, Entertainment, and Escape. Please let me know how your Top Ten list compares!

10. Boiling Point, Directed by Philip Barantini

As if the Safdie Bros. decided to remake DinnerRush (2000) with one, 90-minute take, BoilingPointis a frenetic peak behind the kitchen door at a fine dining restaurant…

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