West Side Story a Worthy Remake

West Side Story a Worthy Remake

Reely Bernie

For any traditionalist, WestSideStory epitomizes the Broadway musical production both on stage and on the screen. It’s just too faultless in prompt character arc, an urgent message, melodious motif juxtaposition, and choreography that will turn any cynic into a performing arts fanatic. So, with the blueprints and previous successes of the 1957 stage and 1961 film, Steven Spielberg had only one obstacle to wrap his head around: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

The 21st century is saturated with remakes, reboots, and “reimaginations,” but I guess if one of the best directors on this planet wants to join in, he has every right to, and, my goodness, his interpretation is phenomenal.

I so wanted to continue loathing Ansel Elgort for his smugness (and off camera allegations), but he was likable, his voice was simultaneously sandy and pure, and he even came across humble. Rachel Zegler as Maria…

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