Day: January 15, 2022

Words Of Wisdom From Jimmy Carter

Yesterday, I had more than enough of articles about the anniversary of the January 6th attempted coup … I was on overload, most of the articles repeating the dire warnings of the one I had read just before and that I had previously expressed here on Filosofa’s Word.  Mind you, I understand the desire to … Continue reading Words Of Wisdom From Jimmy Carter

Sparkly Ashes by Bogdan Dragos

Originally posted on MasticadoresIndia // Editora: Terveen Gill: Image Source: Snappa but hell was just a floor below in the living room There was a blazing fire in the fireplace and there were plenty of screams coming from mother and father They argued again And from upstairs, locked in her dim room, she knew that … Continue reading Sparkly Ashes by Bogdan Dragos

The Divided Self by R.D. Laing

R.D. Laing’s most famous work. In The Collected Schizophrenias (2019) by Esmé Weijun Wang we had a first glimpse into the much misunderstood world of schizophrenia. As a mental illness, it typically strikes fear into people. People view it as a different type of humanity—almost alien. But psychiatrist R.D. Laing (1927-1989) set out to challenge … Continue reading The Divided Self by R.D. Laing

So, There’s a Spider in Your Bathtub

First, identify the spider. This can be done with either a naturalist’s guide to wildlife or by checking the tattoo in the small of the spider’s back. ◙ Remember: There are only two kinds of poisonous spider in the United States. There’s the very distinctive black widow with an almost metallic looking body with a … Continue reading So, There’s a Spider in Your Bathtub

The Investigators, Inc. Mystery Of The Beginning. Chapter 1, Part A.

A new year is beginning for our PI team and so far it is very quiet. Too quiet. We are all rested up and ready for a new case, but so far nothing has come along. So the cats and I are out in our new yard running around, playing and having a great time. … Continue reading The Investigators, Inc. Mystery Of The Beginning. Chapter 1, Part A.


Hi there, One of my friends, D. Wallace Peach, who blogs at, is not only the author of some very intriguing books but also a lot of fun. She has started off the new year with a writing challenge. The challenge involved writing about the accumulated books a person owns and hasn’t had time … Continue reading A LITTLE BIT OF FUN


we are the pink in the black of the night, a faint whisper in the ear-splitting noise, a whole paragraph squeezed in a single line, the evening primroses in the sunflower fields, a paper napkin not folded, left misaligned; are we the folks ahead of our time? ©Aaysid “Where’s your will to be weird?”Jim Morrison … Continue reading Timeless

“A thin light” #poem #poetry #WritingCommunity

A thin light sparkles on the dew covered grass that blankets the empty fields Silent of birdsong and deserted of life Cloaked in the stillness which abides in the chill of a winter’s morn  While the barren trees grace the frosted realm of dawn With a tranquil serenity that pervades the vernal mist at the break of day As the shadows of an indigo nighttideflee with … Continue reading “A thin light” #poem #poetry #WritingCommunity

Universal language – Poem

There exists a universal language So simple yet so complicated to comprehend It hides in plain sight, visible to a worthy seekerCommon to all, everything that exists speaks it There exists a universal language Crafted by the One Divine hand of God Innate to everything, guided by intuition animals and objects express it, and so do we  There exists a … Continue reading Universal language – Poem

Last on the Card – December 2021

Last Photo for December 2021 Here I am at the end of 2021 just about to start the third year of Last on the Card. I cannot believe how you have taken this random thought in January 2020 to heart and making it a photo challenge which is mainly for fun. Yes I do love … Continue reading Last on the Card – December 2021

Mushrooms and Red Wine Beef Ossobuco

Hearty and aromatic Ossobuco stew is an ultimate dish for serving on a cold day. The cross-cut shanks with the bone, are the base for the dish. They are first pan fried, and then cooked with different vegetables and liquids, depending on regional variations and personal taste. In the recipe here, I’ve mixed a few … Continue reading Mushrooms and Red Wine Beef Ossobuco

Are Animals Multilingual?

I am multilingual and consider myself a native Greek and English speaker. People like Ziad Fazah, born in Liberia, famously speak a total of 59 world languages. Can other creatures share that ability, though? Specifically, can dogs understand more than one language? Well, wonder no more! As the NPR reports, new research published this week … Continue reading Are Animals Multilingual?

Think Twice About Cutting Down Trees

I found this photo online. It made me even more convinced that we need to think twice about cutting down trees that were not deliberately cultivated for timber. This tree was felled in America, in 1891. It started growing in 550 AD. Before Mohammed was born. Before The Battle of Hastings Before America was discovered. … Continue reading Think Twice About Cutting Down Trees

Pig Pickin’ Carolina Style

Sizzling juices drip onto white hot charcoal Pig cooker leaks wonderful aromas Slow cooking on steel mesh. Split pig splashed with salt, vinegar, and red pepper Absorbing flavors that penetrate deep. Five hours over glowing charcoal Turns skin edges crispy brown. When the lid is raised for the final time Pork falls off the bone … Continue reading Pig Pickin’ Carolina Style

Castle in the moon: A Poem

Castle in the moon I danced in your tune I walked, counted to twoThen came the lovely blue A castle in the moon I now saw the moors Down in the hillside dunes Making a lovely hue My castle in the moon I wandered with a balloon Thinking about things in spoonI now know how to improve My only castle in the moon Looking good in … Continue reading Castle in the moon: A Poem