Poem Up! #The Confused Parallel

Written by -M. TaggartPublished- MasticadoresUSA The Confused Parallel He couldn’t catch his breath. His wordswere spinning in his mind with such ferocityhe was unable to calm himself as he began toshake. He was sure he could see his wordson the ceiling. He pulled his body together,clamped his knees to his chest, and rockedwhile trying to make as little […]

Poem Up! #The Confused Parallel

Spotlight Poetry – Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening – A Poem by Robert Frost

© Jen Hallbrown, Moonlit Snowy Wood, 2016 Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost Whose woods these are I think I know.   His house is in the village though;   He will not see me stopping here   To watch his woods fill up with snow.    My little horse must think it queer   To stop without a farmhouse near   Between […]

Spotlight Poetry – Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening – A Poem by Robert Frost

I am a poet, or: A poem

Poetry Partners #35 ‘I am a poem’, a poem by paeansunplugged of ‘paeansunpluggedblog’ I am a poem, read me syllable by syllable let the vowels roll around your tongue at will immerse yourself in the free flow of rhythm undulating whimsically in its own rhyme the meter; sometimes measured. But oft not! Read me at […]

I am a poet, or: A poem

The Investigators, Inc. Mystery Of The Beginning. Chapter 8.

There were 2 hotels in town, but one I definitely would not stay at, the other was quite nice looking so we gave it a try. I think we were the only guests at this hotel, though it had 30 rooms. We were on the second floor and I immediately tried out our new device […]

The Investigators, Inc. Mystery Of The Beginning. Chapter 8.

Can I love, you ask?

Yes, I can love like the windon a bright, breezy day,and the smile in my heartwill take your breath away. I’m full of hot lava,hurricanes, and deep seas,and when I bestow a kiss,I bring my lover to their knees. I’m like a serene tropical islandin the midst of summer storm,and those who have loved mehave […]

Can I love, you ask?

In a World That is Mine

Image credit; LuizClas@ Pexels The ruthless alarm woke me up with a start as the birds chanted their morning mantras, just like every other day. I sat meditatively, refusing to open my eyes, at the blissful liminal state between sleep and wakefulness. Just like every other day. Another day awaits, its gloriousness or dreadfulness determined […]

In a World That is Mine

Field of Cloth of Gold: 3. Wrestling

Here you can read the first and the second part During the summit held In 1520 between Henry VIII of England  and Francis I of France, under the auspices of peace and friendship great tournaments and contests took place, including horseback combat and jousting , foot battles and archery displays.The knights competed for both their […]

Field of Cloth of Gold:  3. Wrestling

The End of Roman Britain: Instability and the Hoxne Hoard

Whatever shortages Britain’s facing due to Brexit and Covid, it hasn’t run short of archeology. The country entered this strange time of ours rich in buried history and since the stuff in question hasn’t gotten up and walked out of the ground, it’s still rich. The tale I’m about to tell you comes from before […]

The End of Roman Britain: Instability and the Hoxne Hoard


Maybe I just needed a new perspective –like the famed Hanged Man of tarot –committed to some deep, internal need,I willed a horizontal shift; landed with intent. Maybe it is not my legs that are disabled,but a soul longing to escape the continualdiscord of perpetual motion, a never-endingto-do list of the success-driven persona. Maybe there […]


The #TBR Pile #Writing Challenge

Pixaby image She grabs each book with panacheBut lets it languish in some cornerPromises would be kept, she knowsWhen’d that day dawn, she doesn’t decipher. Decorated with turmericScented by cinnamonSmeared with her favorite sauceSome sit at her kitchen ledge, waiting to be read. They enhance the ambiance of her homeBooks are her first loveA unique […]

The #TBR Pile #Writing Challenge


Ripping bandaids,done sincerely,only hurtsa little bit,yet with lingered,apprehension,it will hold alasting sting. Never laugh atothers tears,or those same tears will find you,feeling joy inseing sorrow,retributionis your view. Be the personyou want to seepassing by youso carefree,As you dance withdrowning feetyour heart drumsa different beat. – Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy Originally Published on January 3, 2021


To Put Away My Eyes – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Photo: one of the many nature reserves around Augusta and the Blackwood River this one has the grand title of No. 8437. “The earth has music for those who listen.” William Shakespeare To Put Away My Eyes To put away my eyes for a moment and take in the sounds underneath, to let go the […]

To Put Away My Eyes – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Elsinore, the Gate to the Rest of Scandinavia

The light, the sky and the sea. We are in the northeast corner of Denmark.At the end of the snow-covered road lies Kronborg.Elsinore, home to the buzz of history. Kronborg Castle and William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Norwegian painter, Thomas Fearnley, 1802-1842Helsingør mod Kronborg, vinter. Date of art: 1833, oil on canvas.

Elsinore, the Gate to the Rest of Scandinavia

Dead Calm and Zero Degrees

This morning when I got up, it was dead calm and zero degrees. Actually, a little below zero. The top window over the sink was so frosty that I couldn’t even see outside. (Fortunately, the frost is on the outside storm window.) And here is the view from the window by my desk. With the […]

Dead Calm and Zero Degrees