CarlTanzlerwas a man of many talents. He was a German-born radiologist born inDresenon 8 February 1877. He was a former submarine captain in World War I and an accomplished inventor with nine university degrees.

​In his early childhood, he claimed to be visited frequently by one of hislong-dead ancestors,Countess Anna Constantia vonCosel,who kept showing him the face of his one true love, a dark-haired woman.Tanzlercarried the memory of that lovely woman into his adult life.

​Tanzler, at the age of 43, married a young woman, Doris Schafer,with whom he had two children in his native countrybefore the familyemigratedto America in 1926. Soon after the arrival, Carl decided the family life wasn’t for him. He abandoned his wife and children to work in the United States Marine Hospital in Key West, Florida.

After taking the job at the hospital as a radiological technician in 1927, he maintained a low profile and…

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