An Abundance of Peace

Conflict Resolution

First Order of business … the Xtian perversion of the Bible which translates the Name revealed @ the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai — which Xtianity rejected, comparable to the Jewish rejection of JeZeus the mamzer son of Mary, an extension of the Pantheon of the Greek Gods on Mount Olympus, the brother of Hercules – another bastard son of Zeus. Xtianity simply adores its tumah religious rhetoric. Xtians simply delight in the indwelling of the Holy Spirit religious narishkeit (Yiddish for non sense).

For 2000+ years the Jewish people have not simply rejected this false messiah imaginary man, we have vocally denounced this Greek mythology as a Greek myth dolled up in Jewish garments. Xtians across Europe and Russia reacted with fury, they slandered and murdered Jews at the drop of a hat, based upon blood libel pretexts and other such lame excuses to justify the slaughter of…

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