Estranged Soulmate


It feels like a decade now 
since things changed, as seasons do. 
All else changed, as humans do, 
slowly evolving, slowly unfolding. 
They say it’s inevitable, change, 
yet, through the bumpy way, 
the one thing that never changed 
was this feeling deep inside me— 
like magic, 
it’s always there, 
always alive (in its forms), 
shy to sight, 
(perhaps, hidden from sight), 
but to the heart, 
in the feels, 
oh, how it always lives! 
How, like my guardian angel, 
I feel its invisible keep, 
How I feel you, Soulmate. 

So you know, even after you left, 
I held on to the feeling, I held on to us. 
All else stayed within, 
but for humans, of course 
(they always leave). 



Photo by George Becker from Pexels

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