Self affirmations

Happiness is a direction not a place!

My childhood pic

Self affirmation according to me is motivating myself on a daily basis. It’s very essential and a good booster for me to keep up my energy, spirit and motivation.
How do I do it? It’s pretty simple, I just stand in front of the mirror and tell myself that fero you are the best, no one can hurt or emotionally break you, never be afraid of anyone and always think positive for any problem to find a solution. This gives me a sense of belonging and self motivation.
Self affirmation process differs for each person, what matters for me may not be for others. I would advice anyone to just follow what your heart says rather than going on to copy what others do.
I am imperfectly perfect, yes I am imperfect in the eye of society, but for me I am perfect. It’s ok that I…

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