The quest for becoming a perfect mother

Happiness is a direction not a place!

Happiness comes from seeing your kids happy

Like all mothers I too want to be the bestest mother to my kids. Yes it’s normal, isn’t it? I want to be a perfect mother who brings up her kids as a confident and a successful adult.Is it possible to be perfect all the time? The answer is no, even mothers can become irritated or stressed out sometimes due to hormonal changes, work stress etc. We shout at kids and even spat at them and feel guilty sometime later. Hey moms, it is completely ok and if you are guilty, you can later apologize to your children saying I am sorry baby, I was rude due to such reasons. Here are few points to be a good and friendly parent to your child:

1. Following a routine helps in bringing up kids in a disciplined way. Chalk up a routine that is…

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