“Look what you made me do,

What have you done,boo?

The blame is on you!

Oh, you know this is true.

I’ve never tried this before,

Never, ever, never, ever,

I am one who always ignores,

You pushed me way too far.

You do not deserve love –

Love of any kind,

Everything about you sucks!

Who will want you, now?

Better believe it darling!

You are such a bad person,

Without me, you are nothing!

Hope you take this as a lesson!

Well, the bright side is this,

I love you, yea, you’re lucky!

Your lips I still want to kiss

‘Cause I find forgiveness easy.

No one can love you so dearly,

That is why your heart belongs to me,

No one, no one can, my honey,

That is why you are stuck with me.”

Said the abuser when he returned,

After she’d nursed her bruises,

After she’d…

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