How to discuss and evaluate varying opinions and interpretations of literary texts

Rachel Katy Martin

The A level 9695 syllabus requires students to ‘further develop their subject knowledge through the evaluation of opinions and ideas, both their own and those of others.’ This means that you should, throughout your study, find ways of developing an additional skill, that of ‘Evaluation of opinion’, as set out in AO5.

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Throughout my career, I have seen that students are often confused about the meaning and expectation of the different AOs but struggle mostly with AO5. Some do not engage at all with it.

I will provide here some strategies for you to start developing the skill early and eventually put it in practice in your answers. Remember that it is crucial for you to satisfy all the AOs as they carry equal weight (20 %) within each component of papers 3 and 4. This AO does not apply for papers 1 and 2 as these two papers are…

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