The Call (Attempt at writing poetry)

Rachel Katy Martin

Dear friends,

At the end of my post ‘Women must Write’, I wrote, in a committed and quite impassioned way:

‘I have written. And I will write again.’

I don’t want my readers (and myself!) to feel let down, so here I am, writing again- trying poetry this time.

I would like to add, before sharing my poem though, that I’m not really a poet. Well… the truth is that I’ve attempted some short pieces before (not masterpieces!) but … in secret. They’ve been locked in a password protected folder on my laptop (a laptop that no one else but me use) for 3 years now. Maybe, in an effort to do them justice, and when I grow a little more in confidence, I’ll unlock the folder, free the ‘pieces’ and share some with you.

Meanwhile, I’m sharing what I wrote last week based on an unpleasant experience I had…

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