Rachel Katy Martin

I have created this blog some time ago now and since then I have been thinking about what to generate as a first post. Then today, I decided to stop my fruitless cogitations and to just put words down:

Pick up your pen, and write. Breathe into your writing. Writing is your voice embodied. Create. Dance. Weave magic. Cast spells.

I stared at the blank screen for some time. Then as if by magic, ideas started swaying and swinging in my head as my hand rose to move to the beat of the words.

Write. Write. You must write. Women must write.

I have always wanted to write. I remember how as a child, I aspired to become a great author, of publishing a novel, of being recognized worldwide. I would close my eyes and visualize myself on a podium, speaking about my novel, and being applauded for it. But…

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