Timeless Mind

Desert, Summer, Sand, Travel, Dry, Camel
Photo credit: Pixabay

The path to self realisation is thinner than the breadth of a hair and sharper than a razor’s edge.”

One can attain this supreme knowledge through discipline, trials and tribulations. Through the practice of deep stillness, of learning to empty the vessel as they say. The Sunn Samadhi of the deepest surrender.

But beware, greater amount of meditation is not equal to greater attainment.

Food cooked on slow fire is sweet and retains its vigour.”

In the same way, too much of meditation awakens a power within which cannot be handled by the initiate. Hence, he goes into what is called ‘Spiritual Crisis’.

The symptoms. Always wanting to be in meditative state, detachment with even the loved ones, not wanting to do the essential chores and of course visions, speaking in different voices, hearing voices and such experiences in abundance.

Such a state of mind…

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