goth maid outfit

‘You’re going to be the prettiest girl at the funeral,’ he wanted to tell her as he watched that dark outfit that resembled a maid for sorts but it wouldn’t be an appropriate thing to say when the funeral was for her father Not that she displayed a lot of grief either. She was more concerned with the goth maid outfit and how it would look on her “My daddy would love to see me in this,” she said And then her boyfriend said, “Who wouldn’t?” She eyed him from across the room and said, “My mom… Eh, but to hell with her. If I’d listened to her, I’d be a nun now. In fact, if I weren’t an adult able to make decisions for myself right now, I’m sure she would’ve arranged for me to go to some monastery or something like that, wherever nuns go. And she dares wonder why I reserved all my love for daddy and gave her nothing. Every time we’d get close she’d get in the way. If I didn’t know better I’d say she’s the entity behind his death, really. My daddy was a loving man, this I know for sure. He was all good and I… I miss him so much already. I just wish I could… Wait!” “What?” “I got an idea.” He didn’t like the tone with which she said that, nor the grin on her face as she reached into her bosom and pulled out her phone He had many questions for her but there was no time to ask. She moved in and grabbed his hand and dragged him along, out of the room and long the corridor all the way to the room where her father sat in the casket awaiting to be taken to the grave “Here, hold this,” she said as she handed him her phone Wordlessly she climbed onto the casket and stretched herself along her father’s body “C’mon,” she said, “take a few pictures.” Her boyfriend did. When you have too many questions assaulting you at once, you give voice to none, just play along The funeral that followed was a short one, with few mourners The loudest cry came from the wife of the departed after some unknown number sent the pictures to her phone

goth maid outfit

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