Reclaiming My Time

Reclaiming My Time


“I’m reclaiming my time!” has to be my favorite quote of 2017 and I am as serious as Auntie Maxine with its usage.

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Last month, I met a fellow blogger, was introduced to her blog then read a post that changed my life. For those that aren’t ready to face the man in the mirror, the gist of the post is the sad reality that companies are spending BIG money and great effort to get and keep us addicted to our devices. Shocking! And, like everything else that feels good, we’re falling for it. I guess television, Big Pharma, the food industry and constant encouragement to buy buy BUY aren’t cuttin’ it, uh? We’re quickly becoming (if we’re not already there), a zoned out nation of drones getting high off likes instead of life.

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The linked article states that we check our phones, on…

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