Music for Valentine’s Day

“Sweetheart, I adore you. Give us a kiss.” Oooh! She’s closing her eyes. I think it’s working. “Come here, Bud,” she chirps. Oooh! She’s whispering in my ear.   “What’s that, Biddy? You want me to sing you a love song?” Sheesh! She sure is high maintenance. But my little Biddy is almost ready to […]

Music for Valentine’s Day

Almost Time

(Photo: Na’ama Yehuda)   The skies darkened. A distant rumble rolled. She stared out the window and tried to suppress the nub that tugged and pulled and nibbled at her innards. The others seemed oblivious. But she knew. It was almost time. She’d foreseen it. They had dismissed her premonitions. Her knowledge of things hidden. […]

Almost Time

Making space for introspection

Culling through old journals, and blog posts has me feeling introspective. Pausing and processing. I feel change tugging at my edges. Time to rethink the purpose of this blog. The camera has been tucked away until warmer weather and better health permits more exploring. In the meantime, I’m studying the art of drawing and playing […]

Making space for introspection

Spotlight Poetry – In Silence Alone I Sit – A poem by Goff James

© Maurice Sapiro, White Cliffs, 2018 In Silence Alone I Sit by Goff James In silenceAlone I sitUpon the ancient cliffsWhere evening’sBurning fingers stretch andTwilight’s mystery lingers longEntrapped within myWeaving pained filled thoughtsI see the setting sunDescend beyond the aching sea In silenceAlone I sitListening toThe lowing melodies ofThe waves lap against the shoreNeath the […]

Spotlight Poetry – In Silence Alone I Sit – A poem by Goff James

Not What They Sold Me (audio)

A springtime breeze slides in through my open window and it makes perfect sense to me even though it is still the dead of winter. The ground is the kind of mud that is so thick it makes a sucking sound when you trudge through in your rubber-soled boots. The fog was so dense yesterday […]

Not What They Sold Me (audio)

The Cows Knew

Lomig – Unsplash The putrid smells bombarded my senses, like rain over raw sewage or shots of oysters gone bad. Tears started to leak from my eyes, and I began to miss working narcotics. A body found at the scene smelled much like the noxious air, probably why the killer used this dumpsite.  A repetitive buzz sounded. With a slight hesitation, I reached for the victim’s vibrating phone. It was […]

The Cows Knew

Craft, or: Authenticity

A villanelle Many modern bards deem rhyming passé, An obstacle to deep self-expression, Though one asks if impatience~ craft betrays? Artists must create, for it’s thus they pray, Each in preferred mode at their discretion… Many modern bards deem rhyming passé. Unfettered freedom is today’s great craze; And most art’s wrought to make deep impression… […]

Craft, or: Authenticity

Windsor Horne Lockwood III: If His Name Is Not Pretentious Enough, Perhaps His Vocabulary Is

If you are a fan of Harlan Coben’s Myron Bolitar series, you will recognize the name Windsor Horne Lockwood III, affectionately known as Win. Here is how Win is described in the series, courtesy of Wikipedia: Win’s hair is described as blond, perfect length, parted on the right side. His features are classical patrician, almost […]

Windsor Horne Lockwood III: If His Name Is Not Pretentious Enough, Perhaps His Vocabulary Is

Want To Sell Words For Money? These Are Your Possible Paths.

If you told me ten years ago that I could trade words for money, I’d have asked you to keep your ‘you can do anything’ speech to yourself. Maybe it’s because I grew up without the internet, or maybe the industry was fraught with gatekeeping, but that’s probably why I’d stumbled from one bad career […]

Want To Sell Words For Money? These Are Your Possible Paths.

Poem by Gabriela Marie Milton and an Update on the Anthology Wounds I Healed: The Poetry of Strong Women

pixabay picture My Dear Readers: A Twitter Poem for You. I searched for love in the thrilling nights of the February carnival. Around me scavengers of night. I managed to look like Ophelia dressed in negligees & incapable of understanding my own distress. The #brutal-ity of the desert. Voices muffled by sand and thirst. #vss365 […]

Poem by Gabriela Marie Milton and an Update on the Anthology Wounds I Healed: The Poetry of Strong Women

Art, People, Life, Truth and Lies

I decided to walk for exercise instead of the Elliptical. Needed a view of the real world than just staring at the wall. Cardio lazy lately. Outdoors is my easy Fitness motivator. Woman walking with her groceries next to a big Church. Photography is Art. It can be any story and interpretation. I outpaced the […]

Art, People, Life, Truth and Lies

The Rise of Short Stories

Hello SE friends, Gwen with you today, and I’m going to share a discovery. Over the holidays, I read several novelettes and novellas. They were perfect for my busy pre-Christmas activities. I downloaded six or more of these books and when I found an hour or two, I’d escape into a lovely romance, an adventure, […]

The Rise of Short Stories

The Dark Side

Robert C Day

My favourite chocolate is Marks & Spencer Swiss Chocolate – specifically Extra Fine Milk. chocolateHowever, I understand that Dark Chocolate has more health benefits than Milk. So when I went to M&S an hour ago I bought one of each: 125g each of Milk and Dark (as you do).

Seems to me that the main differences are in the fat, sugar and fibre contents:

  • Dark chocolate has 24% more fat than Milk
  • Milk chocolate has 86% more sugar than Dark
  • Dark chocolate has 367% more fibre than Milk – yeah, nearly four times as much!

So – do I go for the fat, fibrous bar that will make me poo better or the sugary bar that makes my mood fluctuate like crazy?

For now it’s going to be one light, one dark, one light, one dark … let’s see how I go on with that.

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Random Writing Tip

Robert C Day

If you’re going to write about something then it’s best not to plan it out in ridiculous detail before you start.

The urge to write about a subject comes partly from a desire to learn more about it and to explore the depths of it for yourself. If you do this whilst in the planning stage then you remove the enthusiasm to know more. You then run the risk of turning out text that is insipid and uninspired.

Better to harness the raw energy and use the motive power of wanting-to-know-more whilst you are actually writing the story. In this way, it will be fresh for you and infinitely more delightful for your reader.

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Reasons to Write

Robert C Day

You know – the reason that some people think that they have writer’s block is not an inability to write, it’s an inability to conceive that whatever they will write won’t be absolute bullocks. The result? Because they don’t want to seem like absolute plonkers in the eyes of their readers, they don’t write nuffink. Hence – they (think that they) are blocked.

The thing about me is that I’m not all that bothered what people think about what I write. At the same time, I’ve pumped enough words out into the blogosphere that I’ve found out, through experience, that there’s an audience for absolutely anything.

All of which leaves me particularly non-prone, as a writer, to being blocked in this way.

Take, f’rinstance, this blog post. When I first sat down, I had no idea what I was going to write. In fact, I started out on a completely…

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Well Being

Robert C Day

I hold loyalty cards for a number of stores (yeah, I know – that spells disloyalty to me too) but those cards don’t really contribute to how often I shop at those stores. I have one for Marks & Spencer (M&S) that just gives me points and the occasional bag of sweets shaped like baby pigs. I don’t have one for ALDI and all they give me is a big reduction on my shopping bill.

I bought two bags of oranges the other day, one from ALDI and the other from M&S.


The one from ALDI (on your left, ladies and gentleman) tasted like sugar grains had been sprinkled all over it and then honey had been injected into each juicy segment and then golden syrup had been syringed into each of the buds within each on the segments. It was delish!

The one from M&S (on…

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Writing Tips

Robert C Day

Just as your page is blank when you start writing, so too must your mind be. Empty yourself of such distractions as the time of day or what you have to do in ten minutes. Do not let yourself be distracted by the fact that your beloved wife, husband, partner, friend, colleague, cat or dog is/are going to come downstairs with their usual demands for you to cut avocado, stop swaying in your seat like that, go to the shops for ramen, come to the café for a coffee, finish that report (or else), ignore me or ruffle the fur at the back of my neck. Empty your mind of all these things. Then, slowly and comfortably, like nice, warm water rising in the bath around your supine body, let your mind fill up with your story.

Then write.

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The Wedding Show

Robert C Day

Featuring the Wedding Songs of me and my beloved. This will be broadcast on 5 Towns Radio at some point in the future.

The original list had sixty-nine songs but, because I have to fit them into a couple of hours of broadcasting, I’ve, sadly, had to cut loads out. Still, that leaves us with this lovely list of love:

  1. Ben E King – Stand By Me
  2. Bryan Adams – Everything I Do I Do It For You
  3. Commodores – Three Times A Lady
  4. Dan Hill – Sometimes When We Touch
  5. David Grey – Sail Away
  6. Dolly Parton – I Will Always Love You
  7. Edie Brickell and The New Bohemians – Good Times
  8. Elvis Presley – Teddy Bear
  9. Eric Clapton – Wonderful Tonight
  10. Etta James – I Just Want To Make Love To You
  11. Joe Cocker – You Are So Beautiful
  12. Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes – Up Here Where…

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