Instance – The Darkness

Instance – The Darkness

Ahka Rhash

I feel as though the dark of the night lay cast his shadow over me. 
And as the daylight fades, I can sense the wind of the tide from miles away.
And as it takes me with it, slowly and gently -
I can feel the force of the sun fading with it.
The further apart we separate, the more I become drawn to its gravity.

The Darkness takes away our right to have light in it.
And in this darkness, we once spent too much of our lives.
It was cold, it was dark, and it was devoid of love.
And we could not get by on the time alone.
So the great ones proceeded to add another dimension -
One which might help us pass the time through it.

This dimension would be called sleeping.
There, you may often be confronted by the darkness.
Whether through nightmares of…

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